Delegate claims reinvented | Advent Claims


With market rates remaining flat or declining and acquisition, claims and compliance costs continually increasing, there has never been a greater focus on creating operational efficiency and removing all unnecessary costs from your business.

However, many historic change projects fail due to the cost of employing high-end consultants who often take time to fully understand the complexities of the market and the nature of the real problem. Just as often they then produce a report with unrealistic solutions and leave their client to implement it. Expensive systems are all to often offered as a “sliver bullet” fix but the lack of expert knowledge and the high costs of adapting them to your business rarely delivers the required outcomes.

It is time for a radical reinvention of the approach to change and business consulting.

Advent Insurance Management is a new breed of consultant.  Firstly, we are all longstanding Market practitioners, so you do not need to waste time and money explaining the intricacies of the Market and your business challenges.  We get straight to work on reviewing and reengineering your business. Secondly, we fully engage with your operational teams and ensure that they see the real benefits of the changes required. Thirdly, we will challenge you to create a new business model for your customers, rather than try to just simplify the existing outdated one. Finally, we can offer and deliver cost effective alternative processes, systems and services to provide a better, future proofed solution, rather than just leave you with a report.

The result is a quicker and more cost-effective change process where the return on investment is delivered much faster than traditional consulting and change models.