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Back Office Services

Never before has the London Insurance Market faced a sustained period of flat or declining rates.

This, combined with continually increasing acquisition, claims and compliance costs is forcing all stakeholders to focus their efforts on creating efficiencies and reducing costs whilst still trying to focus on the growth of the business.

Many of these operational functions are critical to the success of the business and do not easily lend themselves to offshoring, due to the complex nature of the work and specialist knowledge required.

What is needed is a reinvention of the entire technical process encompassing policy, claims and accounting, combined with a lower cost location.

Advent Insurance Management Limited is a Lloyd’s and London Market specialist service provider. We have reimagined and redefined the entire London insurance process to remove significant elements of the current, labour intensive processes allowing all stakeholders to benefit from improved service and reduced costs.

These reinvented service offerings, combined with our “near London” location provide a real and credible alternative in support of London MGAs, Brokers, Carriers and Managing Agents.